Message from ACTIVE BRAINS president

Thank you for visiting our webpage. ACTIVE BRAINS is an engineer-centered company which specialize in wireless technology such as bluetooth.

Bluetooth technology is getting very popular through spread of bluetooth-enabled smartphones, music players and so on. According to a report released by Bluetooth SIG, bluetooth-enabled devices shipment volume reached 9 billions as of the end of 2012, 1.8 billions of them in 2011 and over 2 billions of them in 2012(*). In 2011 a new specification for low energy was developed, and products which met the specification began to spread. Not just replacing wired system with wireless system, but also demands for new systems using bluetooth technologies expected to increase more and more In the future.

Since 2000, developing a lot of bluetooth-related hardware and software, we have gained knowledge and skills to keep up with a variety of devices increasing day by day. But interestingly there are still a lot of undiscovered things for us. We are working together to solve ploblems and making day to day progress while having fun.

We believe, "When it comes to developing bluetooth-related systems, ACTIVE BRAINS is the best". we are making daily efforts to provide the best solutions to our clients. We hope to continue our good business relationship with our clients.

President Shinji Matsushita

(*) Bluetooth Special Interest Group 1022 annual report Mr. Suke Jawanda Bluetooth SIG CMO